With over 20 years of experience in the Metalworking industry, we have succeeded on merging the best recognized and highest quality cutting tools and measurement equipment manufacturers worldwide. Combined with our group of highly qualified Application and Sales Engineers, we have obtained the best personnel and Technical team totally dedicated to provide the best service available for your production needs.

Our Commitment is to provide overall savings in your tooling cost as well as reducing cycle time on your processes. We guarantee that any of our proposed process applications will obtain overall savings for you and your company and help you become more competitive in this constantly changing industry.

We provide complete turn key projects including:

  • Cutting Tools.
  • Holding Systems.
  • Measuring Stations.
  • Cutting Fluids.
  • Work Stations.
  • Manufacturing, Rebuild and Sharpening tools Services.
  • Continuous Training in plant at no cost.

Complete solutions provide by Tanner will eliminate your need to manage multiple suppliers for your needs thereby eliminating administrative costs.

With a constantly increasing distribution network that is strategically located, we cover the most Critical Industrial zones in the country to include the North, Central and Southern Mexico.
Discover how Tanner is improving the Industry and the capability to Improve your Productivity.